Debt Collection Law Firm

When it comes to debt collection law firms, Clunk, Hoose Co., LPA provides the most complete creditors rights representation available.

Clunk Hoose is a single source solution for creditors, mortgage lenders, government agencies, and collections agencies. We have a great understanding of any and all challenges that are associated with recovering debt. As a debt collection law firm, we have the ability to tackle these challenges head on by utilizing the courts. As a result, we are able to resolve your debt quicker than many other debt recovery attorneys in our area. If you feel that it’s time to take legal action in order to recover the debt that you are owed, we are ready to help you.

Since the beginning, we have structured our debt collection law firm with the intent of representing creditors’ rights on all ends of the spectrum. Our experienced debt collection attorneys are able to offer legal recovery services in a vast majority of areas. These areas of debt collection include but are not limited to:

  • Foreclosure collections
  • Commercial collections
  • Small business debt collections
  • Automotive collections
  • Medical bill collections
  • Legal collections
  • Credit line collections
  • Government collections
  • Credit card collections
  • Credit union collections
  • Secured loan collections
  • Unsecured loan collections
  • Legal judgment collections
  • Corporate and legal collections
  • Creditors rights in bankruptcy
  • Revolving credit collections

A debt collection law firm representing creditors all over the United States

Our growth over the past 20 years has allowed us to expand our creditors’ rights representation into the above areas and more.  In fact, Clunk Hoose now has the ability to represent creditors in those areas of debt collection throughout the United States. We now have a creditors rights attorney dedicated to serving the following states: Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee, and Florida. With nine different collections lawyers, you can be confident that we’re well versed in creditors rights law in each of these states.

Our commitment to creditors rights law is a commitment to our clients

In order to prove our commitment to you, our attorneys make it a point to stay up to date on all debt collection laws as they presently stand and as they continue to change. To make this happen, the attorneys at our debt collection law firm have access to thousands of legal resources. They are encouraged to continue their education through these resources. We also encourage them to share any knowledge that they have obtained with our staff and with our clients.

Finding a lawyer specializing in debt collection who has unlimited legal resources and knowledge isn’t always easy. Finding a debt collection law firm that is willing to share that knowledge with you is even harder. At Clunk Hoose we believe that in the long run, it’s beneficial to us both if you, the creditor, understand how the legal proceedings of debt recovery work. In order to help you understand, our firm is happy to provide you with personalized training and literature on important legal and management issues that have the potential to affect you.

Our debt collection law firm is ready to help

If you’re searching for a debt collection law firm who is committed to you and recovering your debt then it’s time to stop searching. Clunk, Hoose Co., LPA is ready to help you recover your debt and maximize your profit. If this is something you are interested in but you’re unsure if the debt collection attorney fees are worth it, don’t stress. We only begin collecting fees in the event that we are able to recover payment on your delinquent accounts. Our payment plans can also be structured to fit the needs of any budget.

What else are you waiting for? Our dedicated collection lawyer is ready to speak with you and answer any questions that you may have. Contact us whenever you’re ready to get started recovering your debt.

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