We are asked quite frequently to postpone sales in Ohio. Sheriff Sales can not be postponed in the State of Ohio. We can only attend or withdraw sales. There are two counties that are exceptionally difficult to withdraw a Sheriff’s Sale and they are Lorain and Medina Counties.

In Lorain County to withdraw a sale for any other reason than bankruptcy, the attorney for Plaintiff, must obtain the complete court cost figure from the Sheriff. The complete court costs must be paid and docketed prior to the Clerk forwarding the Order to Withdraw Sale and receipt to the Judge. Upon proof of payment the Judge will then review the physical file and execute upon same. The Order must be sent back to the Clerk to time-stamp and place on docket. The filed Order to Withdraw Sale is then placed into the proper depository for pickup by the Sheriff’s Department.

In Medina County the Clerk requires a deposit of $500.00 which also must be documented and a court receipt prepared. The Order to Withdraw Sale must be accompanied by the receipt of deposit in order for the Judge to execute upon same. Medina County requires the same steps as Lorain County for review by the Judge and filing by the Clerk. This is the reason we require at least 72 hours notice in order to withdraw a sale in this particular county.