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With offices in Ohio and Kentucky, Clunk Hoose Co LPA represents banks, mortgage servicers, credit unions, collection agencies, healthcare providers, credit card companies, auto credit providers, businesses, and government sponsored agencies to litigate on unpaid loans with maximum recovery. We are a singular focused firm. We do default and we do it very well.

Our Clients

Financial Institutions

Clunk Hoose has been a trusted partner with large fortune 50 financial institutions, regional banks and credit unions and mortgage servicers for over 20 years. From Regional banks to large national institutions, our team works intimately with each client to communicate critical milestones in the foreclosure process. Clunk Hoose has strategically structured the firm to create teams that specialize in each important step of the foreclosure process. Our streamlined structure coupled with our proprietary management system means evey client receives impeccable service and communication levels that exceed expectations. 

Collection Agencies

Clunk Hoose seeks to partner with collection agencies; not compete.

There are law firms in the market seeking to compete directly against collection agencies. They send out sales people to call on healthcare providers and businesses with the intention of cutting out the local agencies. It seems odd that any collection agency would want to use a firm for legal collections when they are in essence a competitor. Why feed the monster in your backyard?

Our business model seeks to only retain collection agencies as our business partner and not to compete directly. We provide legal services to assist agencies when they cannot reach a compromise with the debtor. Clunk Hoose currently represents agencies across the entire U.S. for matters under jurisdiction in the states we serve: Ohio Kentucky West Virginia and Tennessee. Our seasoned attorneys and supporting paralegals can take action on both secured and non-secured debts. Clunk Hoose can first attempt efforts to assist with collections prior to filing suit with the use of a well crafted demand letter. Once approved Clunk Hoose can immediately begin the process of filing suit to secure judgement. Our skilled team will utilize various collection methods including but not limited to wage garnishment, bank levies, and property liens. To comply with the very tricky FDCPA guidelines and avoid the potential for fines levied against us or our collection agency clients, Clunk Hoose will not utilize auto-dialer technology. We employ tried and true deep forensic efforts to skip trace debtors calling them the old fashion way and effectively taking action to maximize recovery for our agency clients. Clunk Hoose works solely on contingency so that means you only pay when we can collect!

Private Equity and Investors

We don’t just represent the big names of mortgage financing. Private investor and Private equity mortgage investing has been a growing sector of the investment market. 

Clunk Hoose is pleased to also represent those with just a few properties or a larger portfolio of properties. Clunk Hoose has developed a strategic alliance with investors holding mortgage investments to deliver the same white glove and high touch service as afforded our large fortune 50 institutional clients. As one of the largest foreclosure attorney firms in Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia, Clunk Hoose is positioned to assist with clients of any size.  Our attorneys handle foreclosure proceedings in every county of every state we practice in. As a solely focused firm in creditors’ rights each attorney in our firm has a unique focus on a specific area of the foreclosure process assisting in all aspects of mortgage foreclosure, replevin, attachment, eviction matters, bankruptcy and loss mitigation. We will foreclose on your properties efficiently and reclaim your titled assets rapidly.

Our Services

Consumer Collections

Using a collection attorney from the minute you determine assistance is required to collect on a consumer loan can make a big difference in asset recovery.  Clunk Hoose will start the process with a legal and professional demand letter. We can take legal action on non-performing secured and unsecured debts. Our talented team of legal collection specialists are skilled in the ability to locate and contact consumers for payment resolution. We work solely on contingency which means you don’t pay unless we collect.

Commercial Collections

Clunk Hoose represents large corporations and small businesses alike, collecting on past due amounts as low as $5,000 and exceeding as much as $1 million. We are bonded and listed with American Lawyers Quarterly  and Forwarders List accepting referral litigation matters for collection agencies across the country.

Medical Collections

Over 32% of Americans have some amount of medical debt, and over half of those individuals are currently in delinquency on payments. Working with individuals who have mounting healthcare debt requires a compassionate and ethical approach, to determine the best course of legal action to assist them in making payments.  

Unfortunately, the healthcare system is under tremendous financial strain due to the recent impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Clunk Hoose collection attorneys and assisting collection paralegals have developed a proven system for ethically and fairly working with individuals who are in default on medical expenses. With a goal to keep the healthcare systems in Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Tennessee financially sound, our partnership approach maintains the positive relationship that is at the heart of healthcare. Like all of our collection programs, we work strictly on contingency, which means you never pay until we can collect.

Student Loan Collections

The U.S. continues to see a rise in student debt, with current debt totalling over 1.56 trillion dollars. Current statistics show that over 10% of all loans are now in default with lack of payment exceeding 90 days. The Clunk Hoose collections specialists team is experienced in assisting individuals with a plan to make payments on these loans. We offer student loan collections service in Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Tennessee. 

Utilizing forensic search skills, our team is often more successful finding individuals who are delinquent and making contact. Like all of our attorney collection services, we work on a contingency basis, which means you only pay when we collect. 


At Clunk Hoose, we have been serving the banking and mortgage industry for over 20 years. As a member of the Mortgage Bankers Association, we understand the business and we know the courts in every county of every state we service: Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia. Clunk Hoose completes foreclosure cases from the routine to the complex, within the FNMA timelines and fee schedules.


Clunk Hoose maintains a dedicated department that specializes in bankruptcy matters. Clunk Hoose offers a full range of bankruptcy services for Chapter 7, 11, and 13 bankruptcy proceedings including the review of Chapter 13 plans, objections to plans, filing proof of claims, seeking relief from stay, and any litigation that may arise during a bankruptcy proceeding.

REO and Closings

To meet the need for full service end to end foreclosure activities, Clunk Hoose retains our own in-house title agency, Omega Title. With an impressive average 16 years of title experience, the Omega team is prepared to initiate title examination within hours of receiving a referral. Through our efficient law firm and title agency process, Real Estate Owned properties (REO) are available to be put up for sale efficiently to recover lost assets for our clients. Visit the Omega Title Agency website for details on the services we can provide for the real estate markets in Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia.


Clunk Hoose retains a dedicated staff focused solely on the eviction process to return assets to our clients after foreclosure. We cover all counties across the entire states in which we can file evictions: Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Tennessee. From the filing of Writs to forcible entry, detainer actions, and cash for keys offers to avoid complicated evictions, Clunk Hoose will recover your real estate asset efficiently.  

Loss Mitigation

Avoiding the finality of foreclosure is always in the best interest for our clients and the borrower. To better serve our clients, Clunk Hoose retains a dedicated attorney to address all requests for reinstatement and payoff quotes. Our loss mitigation team works directly with the borrower to have meaningful conversation surrounding their options to avoid foreclosure. Our skilled paralegal team has the expertise to then draft loan modification documents, forbearance agreements, repayment plans, assumptions, and deed-in-lieu documents.

Compliance & Data Security

We take compliance, confidentiality, integrity, and security seriously.
We use the latest technology to keep your data safe.

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