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Clunk, Hoose Co., LPA, your premier Ohio Foreclosure Attorney

The difference between one foreclosure action and the next is whom you get to handle it. A highly experienced foreclosure attorney can make all of the difference when processing a civil foreclosure case. At Clunk Hoose we take pride in our experienced mortgage foreclosure attorneys and our well trained staff. Their ability to process foreclosure, bankruptcy, eviction, and other collections matters in a timely and accurate fashion, is unmatched with any other Ohio foreclosure attorney.

How we have expanded since 1999

In 2011, Robert R. Hoose, long time Ohio foreclosure attorney was named shareholder and executive vice president of CH. Together, John and Robert have built a company that is dedicated to serving the needs of creditors in multiple states. At CH, we don’t believe that simply serving the needs of creditors is enough. We are committed to maximizing recovery and boosting cash flow on behalf of our clients.  This, coupled with our pledge to always treat debtors with respect as well as dignity, has allowed us to become one of Ohio’s most respected creditors’ rights law firms.

The expansion of our services

While we may have started out with the goal of simply serving mortgagors as an Ohio foreclosure attorney, we didn’t stop there.  Our partners believed that our excellent customer service and commitment to our clients, combined with our affordability would be of great service to the creditors’ rights industry as whole. For this reason, they decided to expand our services to include:

  • Loss  mitigation services
  • HOA foreclosure attorney services
  • Affordable bankruptcy attorney services
  • Eviction attorney services
  • Landlord attorney services
  • Legal recovery services
  • Legal collection services
  • Business debt collection services
  • Medical debt collection services
  • Commercial real estate attorney services
  • Real Estate closing attorney services
  • Attorney title services

States that we’ve expanded to

In addition to the expansion of our law firm to include the above services, we’ve also expanded into more states. At Clunk Hoose we now have the ability to represent creditors rights in Ohio, Kentucky, Florida, West Virginia, and Tennessee. As a law firm, we are only continuing our growth. In order for us to be the best foreclosure attorney that we can be, we anticipate that we will expand into more states in the coming years.

Cost of foreclosure attorney

While the cost of a foreclosure attorney can vary, at Clunk Hoose we pride ourselves on our affordability. That is, our ability to serve you at a lower cost compared to our competitors. In short, our motto is that we work better than big corporate creditors’ rights law firms, while having the pricing of a small firm. At Clunk Hoose no file is too large or too small. We work with them all.

Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the many services that we offer at CH. Afterwards, if you think that our experienced Ohio foreclosure attorney may be able to help you, reach out to us. Subsequently, you may also be wondering “how much does a foreclosure attorney cost?” If so, then please call us at (330) 436-0300. Once you do so, a member of our staff will be happy to discuss our foreclosure attorney fees with you.

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