Medical Collections

Consumer medical debt is reaching a critical breaking point in the U.S. More than a third of all hospitals reporting over $10M in current bad debt and many medical facilities and hospitals lack a process for bad debt recovery.

Every medical facility across the country is now facing medical payment delinquencies as the COVID pandemic has put a strain on the overall financial health of millions of Americans. Unfortunately, Medical debt can strike anyone. The problem cuts across all ages, education levels, and even income levels with a staggering 137 million Americans now dealing with some level of unpaid medical debt.

Working with consumers to resolve medical debt burdens is a very sensitive subject. The Clunk Hoose debt collection attorneys and paralegals take special care to address this sensitive matter impacting the financial health of hospitals and medical facilities.

We specialize in partnering with collection agencies in Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia to handle referrals for assistance in difficult medical collection matters. We know our partner agencies must handle medical collecting carefully to limit patient complaints and bad press for the hospitals and medical facilities they represent. Clunk Hoose will continue that process and strive to maintain a positive experience assisting patients with a plan to resolve their medical debt burdens.

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