Financial Institutions

Clunk Hoose has been a trusted partner with Fortune 500 financial institutions, regional banks, credit unions, and mortgage servicers for over 20 years. Our team works diligently with each client to communicate critical milestones in the foreclosure process. Clunk Hoose has strategically structured the firm to create departments that specialize in each important step of the foreclosure process. We work to ensure every client receives impeccable service and consistent communication.

Collection Agencies

Clunk Hoose seeks to partner with collection agencies; not compete.

Our business model seeks to only retain collection agencies as our business partner and not to compete directly. Clunk Hoose provides legal services to assist agencies when they cannot reach a compromise with the debtor. We currently represent agencies across the entire U.S. for matters in the states we serve: Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Tennessee. Our seasoned attorneys and supporting paralegals can take action on both secured and unsecured debts. Our skilled team will utilize various collection methods including, but not limited to, wage garnishment, bank levies, and property liens. To comply with FDCPA guidelines and avoid the potential for fines levied against us or our collection agency clients, Clunk Hoose will not utilize auto-dialer technology. We employ experienced collection paralegals who review each file individually to maximize recovery for our agency clients.

Private Equity and Investors

We do not just represent the big names of mortgage financing. Clunk Hoose is pleased to also represent those with just a few properties or a large portfolio. As one of the largest foreclosure attorney firms in Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia, Clunk Hoose is positioned to assist with clients of any size. Each attorney in our firm has a unique focus on a specific area of the foreclosure process. Our office assists in all aspects of mortgage foreclosure, replevin, attachment, eviction, bankruptcy, and loss mitigation.

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