There are 88 Counties in the State of Ohio, and 88 separate answers to this question.

Generally, the terms of sale require the purchaser to deposit the balance of the purchase price either (a) within 30 days from the date of sale, or (b) within 30 days from the date the sale is confirmed.

Most County Sheriffs are willing to extend this time upon the request of the purchaser. If the purchaser is an investor with readily available funds, the purchase price is usually paid on a timely basis, but if the purchaser is a private individual getting conventional bank financing, the time for payment can get extended for several months. Once the funds are paid, there is an additional delay of several weeks for the County Sheriff to cut the checks and disburse the funds.

If we suspect that the purchaser cannot pay or if the time for payment is being delayed without an adequate reason, we can ask the Court to hold the purchaser in contempt, to vacate the sale, and to schedule another sale of the property. This process can take 3-6 months to get to another sale, and is therefore, initiated only as a last resort.