Landlord Attorney Services

Are you a landlord or bank looking to take back possession of your property? Have you recently purchased an occupied property at Foreclosure and need help evicting the former owners? No matter what your needs are, Clunk, Hoose Co., LPA is here to provide representation as a landlord attorney for any eviction matter that you may have.

How our landlord attorney services can help you take possession of your property

At Clunk Hoose we understand that taking possession of your property can be a long, difficult, and draining process.  Our 20 years of experience as landlord attorneys has taught us that utilizing Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia’s legal systems is key. It’s the quickest, most efficient, as well as cost effective way to handle an eviction. The legal expertise we have in these states can assure you that we are always in compliance in the law. Specifically, when acting as an attorney for landlord tenant laws.

Taking possession of your property requires a highly experienced and capable landlord attorney. Especially one that’s involved and informed every step of the way. Here at CH, our highly trained staff ensures that’s the case. We actively monitor each possession action filed. This is so that if a problem occurs we’re able to catch it and subsequently solve it swiftly.

In order to avoid a potentially expensive and lengthy eviction process, we can act as a landlord attorney in facilitating cash for keys agreement. Our staff works closely with you and your tenants to ensure that the cash for keys agreement goes smoothly, subsequently allowing you to regain possession of your property sooner.

How we can help address problems with tenants

Have the tenants of your rental property recently become delinquent on their monthly payments? Are you getting frustrated with your numerous attempts of trying to get your tenants to pay? Are your tenants becoming unresponsive and/or aggravated when you try to contact them about their unpaid rent? If this is the case, then you may be thinking “I need a landlord tenant attorney.” Let us act as your attorney and take care of these issues on your behalf.

Acting as a landlord for a rental property can be one of the most stress-inducing jobs. For this reason, navigating the complex legalities of housing laws is not something that you should have to bother with. Moreover, you may have a good relationship with your tenants and eviction is not something that you wish to handle with them directly. Clunk, Hoose Co., LPA will handle it for you. We will provide the necessary representation as your landlord attorney.

Let us help you with these issues

Our collection law firm acts as the landlord attorney on the nearly 300 evictions that we handle per year. The relationships we have built with our clients, their brokers, the courts, and the sheriff’s offices is unmatched. These relationships ensure that you receive the most expedient resolution to your possession matter. Our relationships and experience in these states in second to none.

Still unsure if using a landlord attorney is the next step you want to take? Are you wondering “how much does an eviction attorney cost?” Contact our collection law firm today and ask the eviction attorney any potential questions that you have. Our staff is ready to discuss a plan with you. Let us act as your landlord attorney so that we can help you regain possession of your property.

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