Small Business Debt Collection

At Clunk, Hoose Co,. LPA we understand that starting your own business venture is costly and a lot of hard work. We also understand that running your small business can be even more costly, especially when you aren’t being paid. As a small business ourselves we know that collecting debt is not something that you want to spend your time doing. In fact, it’s not something that you should even have to bother with. For this reason, our business collection attorneys at Clunk Hoose have made the decision to dedicate our time and resources to small business debt collection.

As a small business when you provide your customers with a service or good, it is their obligation to pay you in return. In fact, getting your customers to pay is one of the most important tasks for a small business. While this may true, getting your customers to pay may also be one of the most difficult tasks. Clunk Hoose wants to take the burden of this difficult task off of you.

How to know when it’s time to get help with your small business debt collection

Needing help with small business debt collection is not something to be ashamed of. Actually, more small businesses need help collecting than you may think. Using a collection law firm to collect on your behalf saves you time, money, and potentially unwanted confrontation with customers. In general, when it comes to small business debt collection, we have found that customers who owe money fall into three categories. These three categories include:

  • Customers who will do absolutely anything to avoid paying you
  • Customers who owe several payments but choose to only make sporadic payments instead, resulting in their account always having a balance.
  • Lastly, customers who normally pay when they should but are unable to pay because of financial problems.

If any of your customers fall into one of the above categories then it’s time for you to seek out a collection law firm. Using a collection law firm can be a good alternative to attempting to collect the debt on your own. It’s an especially good alternative when you are unable to reach the debtor or when you have several hard-to-collect debts.

When a Small business needs help collecting delinquent payments they can count on Clunk, Hoose Co., LPA

We have the ability to help you collect on your delinquent account from each type of customer no matter what the situation may be. Whether it means taking legal action to collect debt or settling the debt on your behalf, we are here to help.

Our attorneys have over 100 years of combined experience in debt collection, including small business debt collection. We know how to collect money owed to a small business and we know how to do it in a way that is legal and cost effective. Speaking of the legal aspect of collections, our attorneys are extremely knowledgeable in small business debt collection laws as well as business to business debt collection laws. As a collection law firm, we are also required to follow collection agency laws. We take pride in being a fair debt collection practices act attorney. With our experience and knowledge of all debt collection related laws, the protection of your clients is always one of our top priorities.

Don’t let delinquent payments be the demise of your small business

In short, if you are a small business that is beginning to see the negative results that debt can have on your bottom line, then we are ready to help. We don’t begin collecting legal fees unless we are able to get your clients to pay. If you are still unsure if using a collection law firm for your small business debt collection is the right path for you, feel free to contact us anyways. We are happy to provide collection tips for small business owners and other resources that could be of benefit to you. At Clunk Hoose we want to see you succeed. From one small business to another, let’s grow together.

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